A new research was done by the scientists from Coventry University on the use of of caffeine in sport to improve performance. A very high dosage of caffeine which can be achieved by consuming tablets, concentrated liquid or from powder gives a slight improvement in their performance to the athletes. This slight difference makes a very huge difference when it comes to the Gold medal which can be achieved in Olympics. But the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) has not added this caffeine to their list.

Jason Tallis, on of the research team member did a test on the effect of the caffeine on the endurance of soleus muscles (the lower leg muscle) & the power output of a mice when under the maximal as we well a during the sub-maximal activities. He found out that the caffeine dosage of around 70┬ÁM gave an 6% increase in the power output. Seeing this result, the researchers concluded that this similar effect can be seen in humans as well.