On Wednesday, Google announced its new tool that helps the readers to specify what kinda stories they are interested in reading. This tool will be available in the English language version. This tools helps the readers to highlight the topics which they have mentioned through Google. Say suppose we want topics on entertainment, sports, finance, stock, computer, gadgets etc., this tool highlights the specific topics which was fed by the users or the readers. Even the readers can have an advanced search which can be more specific. The news section shows in the format of summaries automatically which is well customized till the user is logged in. Apart from this, readers or the users have the option of excluding newspapers, broadcaster and blogs which they don't wish to visit.

On the left side of this tool, highlights on the latest news which has gained lot of media attraction will be displayed. On the right side, local weather, information on the reader which includes: the location, IP address, Zip code will be displayed. One more tool helps in sharing the stories in Facebook, Twitter and Buzz. There are so many keyboard shortcuts been introduced in this new tool which helps in quicker navigation.