Powermat displayed a wireless charger at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. On Friday, based on this wireless charging technology, European Commission has decided to sell mobile phones that will have the same universal chargers from next year onwards. All new mobile phones which will be sold in Europe should work off the same universal chargers from next year.

Right from the beginning of  the year 2011, all the consumers are expected to be capable of using the same one-size-fits-all charger for their new mobile phones which will be sold in the European markets. Spokesman Dennis Abbott said that there was a deal agreed between the major mobile phone manufacturing companies which was agreed a year ago for using only one universal charger that fits for all mobile phones. However some mobile phones are excluded which does not the supportability of data exchange through USB. But, it is expected that the most of the mobile phone in the year 2011 will be data enabled ones.

Hmm, this sounds very interesting and will be very useful as there is no need for buying chargers for different kinda mobiles. This looks to be a good initiative taken from the European commission. All we can do is to just wait till 2011 finally comes :-)