Recently Motorola and T-Mobile announced their latest Motorola Android 2.1 mobile handset which is called as CHARM. As of now, the release date or the cost of their latest gadget has not been revealed.

The features of CHARM is, it runs on Android 2.1 operating system with Motoblur & Flash Lite browsing, it has got an TFT display of 2.8-inch with Gorilla Glass and it's a touchscreen, it has an in-built camera of 3MP with digital zoom, has got proximity, accelerometer & ambient light sensors.

Apart from these main features, additional features include Bluetooth 2.0 plus ERD, GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, this mobile has got an storage capacity of up to 32GB from micro-SD card and has the capability to plan & capture video at 24fps(frames per second). The playback codecs which this gadget supports is AAC, AAC+, ACC+ Enhanced, MPEG-4, WMA9, H.264, MP3, WMV v9, AMR NB. It has the supportability for Exchange, Gmail, IMAP & POP email.
While coming to the size of CHARM, it has a dimension of 67.2x98.4x11.4mm and the weight of the gadget is 110 grams.