Hello friends, today i have some interesting news for you. Its all about Mouseless - an invisible mouse. Computer users will be using the mouse as usual to interact with the system but in actual there will be no mouse hardware. Hence the researchers have named it as the "invisible mouse".

Some scientists who were working with the Fluid Interfaces Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab in Cambridge Massachusetts, were very much interested in creating an invisible mouse where there will be no mouse connected physically. They wanted their new creation to interact with the system as hardware mouse do.

The basic requirement for this invisible mouse are an infra-red laser beam & a camera. This both devices are connected to the CPU. User will place his hand as if he was using an physical mouse, when there is change in the hand or finger movement, bright spots will be shown up. This will be interpreted by the inbuilt camera which will translate the movement or the clicks. The cursor which will be seen on the screen will act accordingly as if an real hardware mouse did it. There are no plans to commercialise this latest invention. The scientists spent $20 to build this mouse.