India has come up with its latest gadget which costs only $35 and is aimed to be used right from Elementary schools to the Universities. It is an touch screen laptop which has been developed by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Science (IISC). The main focus for introducing this gadget is to bring a better education and also to improve the technical skills which will boost the growth of Indian economy.

Linux based computing gadget will be introduced in the next year where the first users will be the university students. There will be internet connection given to these devices in all 22,000 colleges which will be available to the students for just 1,500 rupees ($35).

This latest tablet can also be run using solar power. It has web browsing and video conferencing capabilities along with media player and other features. The cost incurred to develop this device was $35 and government may subsidise 50% of the price for the students. This initiative is mainly taken in order to improve the educational system in India where the literacy rate is just 63% when compared to China which has 94% and other developing countries.