Yesterday, electronics giant Sony displayed their upgraded version of playstation3. This new playstation3 has a storage space of 160GB and is expected to be on sale from the end of July which will have a new white version on offer.
Their previous PlayStations were supporting only toggle buttons, but now this gaming device lets the gamers to control the play with swings, jabs & other natural movements. Actually, they have upgraded their PlayStation because their rival Microsoft are using their Kinet technology to their gaming console Xbox 360 which will use a 3D camera and gesture recognizing software which will help the gamers to use their body movements while playing the games.

The company has told that the price for their newer version of PlayStation will be the same at which they used to offer it for 120GB console. Later it also said that they will be introducing a 320GB model. Both the models will be available only in Japan from 29th of July 2010, later they will be revealing their worldwide release.

Coming to the cost of this gadget, 160GB model costs 29,980 yen which comes closer to $341 and 320GB will cost 34,980 yen which is around $398.