A week back, i was browsing through a site where i found an very interesting article. After reading the content i felt that it would be great if i share it with others as well. I have given my best in the process of explaining it through this post.

This article was based on the Nokia corp's latest mobile concept which is called as Nokia Kinetic. Jeremy Innes-Hopkins is the creative designer for this Nokia Kinetic concept.

Nokia Kinetic concept is that whenever a mobile phone receives a call or a SMS, an electromagnetic force will be created at the base of the mobile phone so that the entire weight is made to fall on to that spot making the device to stand up. If the user is not interested in picking up the call, he can just give a gentle tap to the cell phone which will make the gadget to fall down. The device will them resume its standby mode.

But as of now there's no confirmations regarding the Nokia Kinetic concept design to become true. But this concept looked pretty cool for me. So i wished to share it with all of u. Doesn't this concept look cool?