According to the sources, Google is set to release its Android 3.0 which will have have lots of User-Interface with a lot of animations in it. The minimum recommended requirements for its new OS version would be a 1Giga-Hertz processor, a RAM of 512MB, 3.5" display screen. Also a new resolution of 1280x760 pixels will be available for the Android tablet pc's which has a display of 4" or higher than that.

This latest version of the Operating System from Google is mainly built for their Android tablets where Google and Verizon will be teaming up to build those tablets. They have also completely revamped the User-Interface so that it could completely eliminate the need of third party interface shells like MotoBlur, HTC Sense and so on. 

Along with their latest version of Android Operating System, Google is also planning to launch their Music service with Android 3.0 headsets. Now there gonna be a real competition with their rivals Apple and its iTunes music service. Google will also be upgrading their Google TV with Android 3.0 which helps to stream the music well. Definitely Google will make a huge revenue from their latest launch. This launch is would be in the Q4 which will be in the mid of October.