On Friday, Apple Inc. was totally stunned to find out that these many years they were using a wrong formula to indicated the signal strength in the form of bars on iPhones.

After the release of their latest gadget iPhone 4 on 24th June across US and other 4 countries, Apple heard  lots of people worldwide complaining that this latest model shows a sudden plunge in signal strength when users grip the iPhone at the small black strip which present at the edge of the phone. Many users have called this point as "the death grip" for the mobile phone. In the first three days after the release of iPhone 4, Apple sold 1.7 million iPhone 4s.

Apple has concluded that, in actual the high bars which are in the first place are never real and hence users see some wrong display of 4 or 5 bars of the signal strength when it shouldn't like that. In actual, it was because of wrong formula which was implemented on the iPhone to indicate the signal strength. Moreover, this formula was implemented when original iPhone was launched in 2007 and right from there, this formula exists.

Now, Apple has said that this problem will be fixed within few weeks & a freeware will be released for the iPhone 3G, 3Gs and 4 models. Also they have planned to make the bars little taller so that the visibility will be more clear to the users and even this will be included in this freeware.