India on 12th July 2010 successfully launched its PSLV-C15 rocket into the space. PSLV-C15 carries a payload of 5 satellites. Three months ago, country's space ambitions suffered a setback when a rocket crashed into Bay of Bengal due to some component failure. This rocket was the first Indian made cryogenic powered rocket. India's credibility boosted in September 2009 when data collected from moon mission showed the presence of water in moon.

PSLV-C15 was launched from Sriharikota(which is about 50 miles from Chennai) under perfect weather conditions. The rocket included an advanced remote sensing satellite which was called as Cartosat-2B, a satellite belonged to Algeria, other 3 smaller experimenting devices which belongs to India, Switzerland & China were also released in this launch.

Now India is aiming to launch its first manned space mission in the year 2016 which will definitely grab a large share for launching commercial satellites in this multi-billion dollar market.