Yesterday, Yahoo announced its Q2 results. In the Second Quarter, Yahoo's earnings has climbed up to 51%. This was achieved by cost cutting methods which helped to produce dramatic revenue gains. The problems faced by Yahoo is similar to that of other companies which is been recovering from Great Recession.

Yahoo also faced problems similar to Google, most of the payments were done in Euros. Due to European financial crisis, currency rates resulted in fewer dollar conversion. Otherwise Yahoo would have done fairly well. It earned $213 million in Q2 which ended in June which  represented a 51% increase from net income of $141 million at the same time last year. After deducting the commissions which was paid to its ad-partners, its revenue was summed t o $1.13 billion which came $30 million lower than the estimates made by analyst.

Now Yahoo has predicted its Q3 revenue which would either remain unchanged from last year or it might increase by 4%.