Google recently announced that it will be releasing its new android app inventor software. This software development program let's the users to create their own android application for their smartphones. To create your own android app you do not require your programming skills. No scripting or programming skills are required create your own android app. This software lets you to use blocks that are seen from the front end in which your app looks. These blocks represent different app behaviors, all you have to do is to use correct blocks for your own apps which you have planned to build. You can place buttons, blocks or colors you want in your app all by just a click away.

The best part is that Google's android app inventor provides access to GPS location sensor. Using this facility the users can create their own app wherein they determine where they are or where their car is been parked and so on. Google project leader Harold Abelson said that they wanted the users to become the creators not just the consumers. This application was tested successfully by 6th grade students, women, nursing students and many more and none were from computer science background.