The image which is displayed above is an electrical car which has got Intel applications installed in it which was displayed on Intel Research Day in Mountain View, California.

This vehicle have many features like recording the speed of the vehicle, braking, steering and has ability to record video footage from inside and outside the car. After recording the video, the information will be sent to the police and insurance company when an accident occurs. This will make insurance companies to determine the cause of accident and the fault very easily. Intel is talking to various car manufacturing companies regarding the design of the cars such that they would be connected to the Internet always using various Wireless technologies.

Along with the balck box technology, various safety features will be included such as, on-board camera system to recognize the street signs, sensors which will monitor the road conditions and if any pot holes appear in the road, then a report regarding the location will be sent to the road maintenance establishment. Along with these features, some other features will also be added into it.

Insurance companies are seems to be very happy about this latest technology which will definitely help them to speed up the claiming process and help insurers to get the money reimbursed in quick time.