Google on Thursday announced its Q2 result. Google's earnings in this quarter has gone up by 24%, but it did not reach the mark as targeted. The reason behind for not reaching the targeted revenue for this quarter is due to the financial crisis in Europe. The companies 1/3rd revenue comes from Europe and the payments are being made in Euros. The Euro conversion to USD has gone down which has resulted in lower revenues.

In the end of Q2, Google added nearly 1200 employees to their strength thereby increasing the total strength of employees by 21,800. Even though there were rising expenses, financial crisis and currency squeeze, Google has mad a notable profit. Before the announcement of Google's Q2 result, its share was at $494.02 but after the announcement, its share fell by 4% which was around $19.82 fall in its share.

Now Google is planning to borrow up to $3 billion even though its having $20 billion in cash. This will be the first time that Google is going to have a debt in its 6 years as a public company.

The average click per ad price has increased by 4% from the last year but the growth has become slower from past 2 quarters.