A year ago, Samsung unveiled its first solar powered mobile phone. Now, Vodafone has announced its solar powered mobile phone.

In India, around 20 million mobile phone subscribers are being added every month. Among those majority are from rural areas where the electricity supply is a big problem. About 1/3rd of Indians do not have receive electricity, but they do get plenty of sun. Keeping this in mind, Vodafone Essar Ltd. has now come up with its latest mobile phone which makes use of solar energy in India to better serve the nation's energy-starved rural masses.

This latest gadget is been called as VF 247 Solar Powered Phone and is expected to be available in market from next month i.e, from the month of August. The cost of the is Solar Powered mobile phone is 1,500 rupees which is almost equal to $32. To charge VF 247 fully, it needs to be in contact with direct sunlight for 8 hours. This charge stays up to 8 days on standby and gives 4 hours of talk-time. This latest gadget has an FM radio and a powerful torch light and comes with an electronic charger.