It has been over 2 months with the arrival of Apple's iPad which is considered to lie between those of notebooks & smartphones. Around 2 million iPads has been sold in this 2 months. With the increase in the popularity of the Apple's iPad, even the competitors are also been increasing.

Now, a dozen of tablet pc's which looks similar to that iPad has come to the market. They look very pretty & come in different flavours. They even offer some extra features when compared to iPad. I will tell about 2 such gadgets now, they are ASUS Eee Pad 101TC & MSI WindPad 100.

ASUS Eee Pad 101TC is almost similar to that of iPad but this gadget runs on windows & costs $100 less than the basic version of iPad which costs $499. MSI WindPad 100 also runs on windows OS but this has an webcam in it & costs same as iPad. UX10 which is the latest release of LG also has a webcam in it. Many of them have come up with gadgets which supports the Adobe's flash video technology which is absent in iPad. iPed which is said to be the direct copy of the iPad is on sale in China which is being sold for just $105. There are other tablets which comes from Lenovo , Asustek.

But truth behind the success of iPad is that, more than 1,00,000 downloadable applets when compared to 500 which was offered for iPhone. Google has over 30,000 applets available for its OS android. Lenovo's LePhone has around 250 applets & Asustek are planning to open an app store in 2010 for windows platform with the help of Intel & Microsoft.

According to me, those who give more user-friendly interface & many choices for the online user will always be on the top :-)