has now updated its kindle application which has the capability to embed audio & video clips into the electronic books (ebooks) which are served upon Apple's iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices. On Monday, amazon had released their Kindle application for smartphones in US which is based on Android. This application lets the people to read Kindle e-books on a array of devices, switching as they wish.

At the release of this application, Dorothy Nicholls, the director of Amazon Kindle said that, they are very excited to add this new functionality to Kindle for Apples iPad, iPhone & iPod touch. They are very much looking forward to see what the authors & publishers will create for the Kindle customers using this newly add functionality & create Kindle apps.
Some e-books has already used this new feature & are available at the The titles include "Rick Steves' London 2010" & "We Cannot Fail" which is written by Terry Golway.

Amazon has also reduced the price of the Kindle e-reader from $259 to $189.